A Personal Perspective on Hillary Clinton

This is both a must-read and a scary first-hand picture of one the potential leaders of the nation. As I said yesterday, related to Donald Trump and now add, “Lord, save us from a presidency of either Hillary, Donald, or Bernie.”

By G. S. Stowe, Treasurer, Giles County, TN GOP Those who know me perceive that I’m a constitutional conservative and Jeffersonian classical liberal – generally a Republican, but not zealously…

Source: A Personal Perspective on Hillary Clinton

5 thoughts on “A Personal Perspective on Hillary Clinton

  1. Marty – I’m finishing your book “Picking a President or Any Other Elected Official”. I loved Chapter 30, which I just finished, especially this quote, “God’s Word is flawless in its revelation of reality.” My question and the conundrum we will all be in if the election is Trump vs Clinton is, what do we do? How can we elect decent politicians if they are not on the ballot? How should I vote? They would both be horrible choices! There won’t even be an option to pick the best of the worst.

    I can only think that regardless of the ballot, we continue to pray, realize that God is in control and that he has already won, and that we continue to pray for all of our elected officals whether we like them, agree with them, or not.

    What words of wisdom do you have?


    1. Mark, glad you enjoyed the book. You ask a good question. A couple of days ago I posted a piece called “BIGOT IN CHIEF” https://chosenrebel.me/2016/03/02/bigot-in-chief/ where I reflect for just a bit on this very question. Ultimately, I think we need to put less hope in political structures and trust instead that God is at work.

      Sometimes I think choosing the lesser of two evils is necessary. But when the two evils are all driving over the speed limit toward a cliff (Bernie 90 mph, Hillary 80 mph, and Trump 79 mph) I don’t think any of those options are tenable. In those three scenarios, I would vote for anyone else even if they don’t have a chance. Some will say, “Why throw away your vote?”

      My answer is that I know that God works in longer time frames and I can’t vote for anyone that I fundamentally don’t trust a word they say (Hillary and Donald) or reject the philosophy of government as fundamentally totalitarian (Bernie, Hillary and Donald). I would use my vote as a form of protest and wait on God with Habakkuk.

      I have some friends who think Bernie is not totalitarian but I disagree. His whole approach is fundamentally committed to using the coercive power of government to do whatever he and his advisors deem necessary independent of constitutional restrictions.

      Believers must trust God. This election is shaping up to be a disaster for the nation but what Christians must always choose is not the country that we love but the Kingdom for which our Savior shed His blood to inaugurate. This is an important election but there is always something more important than the country we love and that is the Kingdom of God and His righteousness that we are supposed to seeking with every fiber of our being (cf. Matt. 6:33).

      Let’s not forget that it isn’t decided yet. Pray that Donald is not the nominee. God can still work miracles.

      Would love to have you review the book on Amazon. Even a few lines would be a help. By the way. I think the best use of my book is not in the election year, but four years before the next election to begin study groups at the local level and begin to put forward candidates that fit a different and more biblical character. Hope that is helpful.


      1. James Dobson recently stated that Donald Trump received Christ as his Savior. Do you believe Dobson? I was for Cruz, until Trump beat him out. Hillary fights dirty, and I don’t think Cruz would have been able to beat her, even with all his wisdom and love of the Constitution. I am a Christian and have been since 1960, and I will vote for Trump, because I believe he truly wants to restore America, not fundamentally change it.


  2. Marty….I am trying to access your article on “A Personal Prospective on Hillary Clinton”…..but am being told it is not accessible…..????


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