You Don’t Have to Wait for the Rest of the Church to Awaken

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I love it when God ties a day together. Like a master weaver, he stitches and sows one story into another, one life into another, weaving questions and answers and sorrows and joys together in a way that only an omniscient and all powerful being could.

This evening I picked up “TOZER ON THE HOLY SPIRIT: A 366-Day Devotional” and read the entry for today (see below). It echoed some of our discussion from the morning even down to the verse that is quoted, and for me at least, tied the day together with the benediction of God. I hope you will take a moment and read the short passage from Tozer, slowly, without rushing. Give it time to breathe. Think about his message, his point, and remember, God is waiting for you, to pour out himself to you, as you passionately pursue knowing him. [And do look up John 14:21. It is a glorious promise, one worth memorizing.]

The man that will have God’s best becomes at once the object of the personal attention of the Holy Spirit. Such a man will not be required to wait for the rest of the church to come alive. He will not be penalized for the failures of his fellow Christians, nor be asked to forgo the blessing till his sleepy brethren catch up.
God deals with the individual heart as exclusively as if only one existed. 
If this should seem to be an unduly individualistic approach to revival, let it be remembered that religion is personal before it can be social. . . .
The plain Christian of today must experience personal revival before he can hope to bring renewed spiritual life to his church. 
It is a matter for the solitary heart   (The Size of the Soul, Tozer)
It is certainly not speculative that God is able to manifest Himself most in the lives of those who passionately love Him (see John 14:21). . . . And He will do that.   (The Revolution of Love, K. Neill Foster)

The “that” that Tozer and K. Neil Foster is talking about is John 14:21—a promise so wonderful that it is hard to imagine it not being one of the most loved verses in the New Testament.

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