The Trivialization of God (and the Church)

The Trivialization of God“Visit a church on Sunday morning—almost any will do—and you will likely find a congregation comfortably relating to a deity who fits nicely within precise doctrinal positions, or who lends almighty support to social crusades, or who conforms to individual spiritual experiences. But you will not likely find much awe or sense of mystery. The only sweaty palms will be those of the preacher unsure whether the sermon will go over; the only shaking knees will be those of the soloist about to sing the offertory . . . reverence and awe have often been replaced by a yawn of familiarity. The consuming fire has been domesticated into a candle flame, adding a bit of religious atmosphere, perhaps, but no heat, no blinding light, no power for purification.


When the true story gets told, whether in the partial light of historical perspective or in the perfect light of eternity, it may well be revealed that the worst sin of the church at the end of the twentieth century [or the beginning of the 21st] has been the trivialization of God.”


~Donald W. McCullough
(The Trivialization of God: The Dangerous Illusion of a Manageable Deity, 13)

Similar thought from Annie Dillard 

3 thoughts on “The Trivialization of God (and the Church)

  1. Indeed, a rare thought-provoking, must-read gem; capable of stirring a righteous conviction in the hearts of “him with an ear to hear” (or read) — especially if engaged as a small / home group study.


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