Decluttering Life for the Glory of God

Thursday is for Discipleship

Most of us are not involved in our communities and neighborhoods because we are too busy. We are too busy because we are too cluttered in our schedules and lifestyles. We don’t know the names of our five closest neighbors (first and last), we don’t know what they do (jobs and recreation), we don’t know what their pains, sorrows, heartaches are or their joys, accomplishments or dreams. We are “wave and a smile” acquaintances who would probably spring into action if there was some crisis in the neighborhood but we have very little relational capital with one another. 

As Christians, we need to de-clutter our lives so we can have more (in number) and more significant (in importance and value) relational contact points with our neighbors. “There is no impact without contact.”

  1. What does it mean to de-clutter our schedules and lifestyles?
  2. What does it mean to have relational contacts with neighbors that are significant, i.e. important and valuable.
I’m dying to write some ideas and share some experiences here but I also believe that helping other people think for themselves is one of the best parts of the process. So jump in and do some thinking, and then do some writing and some sharing of your thinking with 1,000+ subscribers to the BLOG. Let’s be iron sharpening iron for one another and for the glory of our King and the expansion of His Kingdom.

4 thoughts on “Decluttering Life for the Glory of God

  1. This is really difficult for me, God has been really working on me in this area. I have a hard time reaching out to my physical neighbors because, there is this part of me that doesn’t want to know them. (sorry if that doesn’t sound “Christian” but it’s the truth)

    I don’t want to know there hurts because then I would have to do something about it, This is really scary, because it’s opening myself up to get hurt. It’s much easier to stay ignorant. During my prayer time the Lord has shown me He wants me to reach out. I’ve acted on the tug on my heart to reach out by baking cookies and leaving notes about how I want to pray for them, and trying to start conversations when I see them. I’ve have different responses: 1) I’m ignored 2) I did get a response and I prayed for them. I’m having to be very aware, deliberate, and in prayer to continue tearing down this barrier that I’ve built. I believe I’m being called to it, but it’s defiantly NOT in my comfort zone and I need the Holy Spirit to guide me every step of the way.


  2. Many of my neighbors are my friends. I am kind of old fashioned that way. I know there are neighbors I could know better and need to work on that. I need to be more deliberate about getting to know their needs and seeking ways to fulfill them.

    Most people seem open to me when I talk about how God worked through a certain situation. I think developing a friendly relationship with them, loving them for who they are, and proving my authenticity sets them up for being more receptive to hearing about Christ when opportunities arise to talk about problems in their lives or mine, or spiritual and moral issues.

    Sometimes you need to prepare the soil before you plant the seeds. :o)


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