Decluttering Life for the Glory of God

Getting beyond “wave and smile” with your neighbors.

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Thursday is for Discipleship

Most of us are not involved in our communities and neighborhoods because we are too busy. We are too busy because we are too cluttered in our schedules and lifestyles. We don’t know the names of our five closest neighbors (first and last), we don’t know what they do (jobs and recreation), we don’t know what their pains, sorrows, heartaches are or their joys, accomplishments or dreams. We are “wave and a smile” acquaintances who would probably spring into action if there was some crisis in the neighborhood but we have very little relational capital with one another. 

As Christians, we need to de-clutter our lives so we can have more (in number) and more significant (in importance and value) relational contact points with our neighbors. “There is no impact without contact.”

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