Experience the Passion of the Christ

Weekend Musings

Latest video is up. Phil Giajo did an amazing job filming, editing and posting this all in less than 11 hours. Great job Phil. May God use your efforts to reach many with the gospel this Easter season.And May God use the video to inspire other churches in what they might do to tell the gospel story in their community.

Bioengineering our way out of climate change; Church Planting Assessments; Spiritual Gift Abuse; Voter Fraud; Government Promises and Reality

Weekend Links

1000 year old Yew trees in Wales Surely, part of the Hobbit was filmed here!
1000 year old Yew trees in Wales
Surely, part of the Hobbit was filmed here!
There are some links here this week that are frightening, exhilarating, affirming and challenging. As always, your mileage may vary and I don’t necessarily agree with all content or conclusions.

Leading Better

Conversion, Yes and Discipleship Too (J.D. Greear)
“I’m More of a Prophet”: How we destroy unity in the exercise of gifts (Miquel Labrador)
Eight Reasons Leaders Lose Their Drive (Thom Rainer)
Assessing Assessment of Church Planters (Charles Ridley)

Engaging with Culture and Politics

Acceptable Behavior and Political Dialogue (Bill O’Reilly)
What is the matter with Soledad O’Brien? (Michelle Malkin)
Unbelievable Voter Fraud and Stupidity in Vermont, Unbelievable—Our country is going crazy!
Obama’s War on Jobs: An Election Year Game (Guy Benson)
The Dangerous Views of Supreme Court Justice Kagan
Empty Promises and the Worst February Deficit in History (Bob Beauprez)
White House Review of Energy Loans Omits Solyndra: I Wonder Why?
Marxism in America (Lt. Gen. W.G. Boykin, Ret.)

Health and Exercise and Wackiness

New “Solutions” for Global Warming (This stuff is scary!)

The Real Cause of Heart Disease (PreventDisease.com)