A Sabbath Week of Praise — Saturday

More than a Stack
I think this one took some adhesive!

A Morning Praise of the King of King

“Our Jewish friends will rest this day
in praise of You for creation and Your command
to cease from work.
And many of us who have believed in their blessing—
the Promised One, the Messiah, will rest in the grace
that has been given to Gentiles.

And we will praise You this day
for our trust in Your lovingkindness
causes our hearts to rejoice in Your salvation.
Therefore, we greet this morning with song,
and praise You for dealing bountifully with us.”

cf. Psalm 13:5-6
see also: When God Doesn’t Listen

A Mid-Day Praise for the King of Kings

“We praise You, O God of our refuge,
for You are able to deliver us from deceitful men.

We praise You, O God of our light,
for You will light the path of our day
and bring us into Your presence.

We praise You, the God of our exceeding joy,
because You are our hope and stay.

We praise You, O God of our salvation,
because You have taught us the end of those who do not believe.

And we praise You, O God because we have You in heaven,
even when everything and everyone is taken from us here.

We praise you; O how we praise You,
that You are our portion

cf. Psalm 43, 73 (esp. verses16-17 and 24-28)
see also  Darkness Created Light

An Evening Praise for the King of Kings

“You forgive all our iniquity,
therefore we praise You.

We do not forget Your benefits,
therefore we praise You.

You heal our diseases,
therefore we praise You.

You redeem our souls from the pit,
therefore we lift our praise to You.

You crown our lives with the kindness of Your love,
therefore, we will sing Your praise with joy.

For You satisfy us with good
and You work righteousness and justice for the oppressed.
So we praise You and go to our rest with trust
that mercy and grace will greet us in the morning.”

cf. Psalm 103:1-6
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