Friday is for Heart Songs

Part of the Poetry Project
Poems for Psalms
A Personal Lament based on Psalm 42-43
4-3-08 [*]

Choking dust in an oasisless expanse
Stretching to every horizon
Sucking hope from a parched
and growing-desperate soul
looking for living water.

As a deer pants for water brooks
so my soul pants …
For You?
No it doesn’t Lord.
Where is the soft and supple
heart of flesh You promised?
Instead, a Saharan wind blows through
the stoney crevices of my sin-blistered heart
Winnowing my spirit and covering my joy
with dunes of waterless sand.

A cleansed heart, a steadfast spirit
inside me, not in a book
Would You give me that?
A restored joy,
an enthralled heart

Oh God give me that!
Water this desert
Flood me with grace
till I drown in life.
Oh God, give me that!

[*] This poem was written on my birthday as I was making plans to go to England to train church planters. It was out of that darkness and personal lament that God called me to the new adventure of my life, –investing my remaining years in a more focused life of prayer and preaching and discipling young men.

Go to Psalm 44.


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