Willing to be Forgotten

As we begin the new year at Manchester Creek, our whole church is on a new reading plan for the Scripture. It is a combination of entire New Testament plus Proverbs (6x) and Psalms (2x) as well as Deuteronomy, Joshua, Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther, Daniel, Amos, and Malachi.

Today, the reading included Matthew 7, Psalm 7 and Proverbs 7. In 2014, I wrote this reflection upon Psalm 7.

May the God who delights in you protect you and may you know both his protection as well as his presence. May God use you in the lives of those you love for his glory and their joy.

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Monday is for Reflection

Forgotten RuinsO LORD my God, If I have done this
.       if there is injustice in my hands

Let the enemy pursue my soul and overtake it.
.       And let him trample my life down to the ground
.       And lay my glory in the dust.    Selah.

Psalm 7:3, 5 (NASB)

Willing to be Forgotten

I am willing to be forgotten,
A ruin surrounded by forest
Dismembered from humanity,

Unrecognized, unheeded, unacclaimed,
Unappreciated and dismissed
Forgotten, buried and unremarked.

If only you would rescue each of my children
each of my grandchildren
each of my accomplished brothers and 
both of my extraordinary sisters.

Rescue their children, their spouses
Rescue them and never let them go.
Draw them to Yourself.
Show them Your beauty.
Make idols cease.
Let truth reign.
Rescue them O God for Your name

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