Is “Anguish of Soul” the Key to Revival?

Update: 10-22-15 Still waiting on the Lord for true revival. How bad will it need to get in our country, in our churches, in our families, around the world, before Christians here become truly passionate for God? For God, not his gifts, not some emotional experience, not their comfort or security, not “happiness” but for God Himself. If you missed this post back in 2011, today is a good day to take a look and listen.

For more see:  Is “Anguish of Soul” the Key to Revival?

2 thoughts on “Is “Anguish of Soul” the Key to Revival?

  1. This is almost exactly my question to the Lord circa 2010. I was so broken-hearted. My nation and its culture, as well as myself, seemed to be fulfilling IS 5:20 “woe to those who call good evil and good, …” It led into a major fast that started hopeless, and ended with “Is my arm to short to save?” That’s precisely why I began praythroughhistory. For me to practice adoring G-d, and in spite of our brokenness, HE SAVES US! I think you’re you must be experiencing the anguish over our separations that only the Holy Spirit gives. Thanks for posing this question!


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