Stanley Hauerwas and Al Mohler; Homeschooling; Ken Howard; Phil Johnson; John MacArthur and much more.

Weekend Links

Dying TreesKen Howard over at Practicing Paradoxy made an interesting comment in an article titled “Adapt or Die.” What caught my attention in the paragraph below is the one that I have bolded and the second that I have underlined.

As congregational leaders, we must confront the fact that our churches are dying. While we may wish they were timeless and eternal, at the core our churches are living human organisms, and dying is what all living organisms eventually do. But first they are born, live, adapt, create new life, and pass on their DNA to the next generation. We cannot insulate our churches from death without isolating them from the very process that would empower the next generation, not just to survive but also to thrive.

Your church, my church, every church will likely die at some point (unless Jesus comes back before the funeral) and our job is to pass on DNA and empower the next generation that will live on WITHOUT our church. It is simple but not simplistic. Let’s be faithful in that task. When the “tree” that is our church dies, make sure there are others that have been planted. As always the links below will stimulate thought but that doesn’t mean I support every point or conclusion. 

Better Thinking about Ministry

6 Different Kinds of Grace (Paul Tripp–often used words are not always understood. This is one we care not misunderstand.)
Phil Johnson and John MacArthur on Heaven is for Real  (Always analyze what you hear through the spectacles of the Scripture.)
Evaluating (and Condemning) Reader’s Digest Christianity  (Gospel Coalition and Tullian Tchividjian –Good article and commentary)
Reaching Men with a Post Worship Huddle   
(This is a GREAT idea. I am stealing this myself.)
Humanity in the Presence of God: Was the Ascension a Bad Evangelism Strategy  (Short article on the significance of the ascension of Christ.)
What to Do Before You Begin Another Church-wide Campaign  (Mark Howell)
Al Mohler Interviews Stanley Hauerwas “Nearing the End: A Conversation with Theologian Stanley Hauerwas  (Worth your time.)

Better Thinking about the World Economy and Culture

Benzene Poisoning of Millions of Children in China is the Price of $1 off on Your Smart Phone  (What will you do?)

Absolutely Two Worst Arguments Against Homeschooling (Matt Walsh classic. Read just a few of the comments too.)

For Fun and Health

National Anthem Song in a Minor Key  (Beautiful)

Using Reclaimed Lumber and Hand Tools a Husband Creates a Beautiful Table for His Wife
The Picture that Makes Cars Look Dumb
(Simplistic but suggestive of a direction we should be more open to.)

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