Helping Men with Pornography Addiction; Virgin Birth; Helping Men be Men; C.S. Lewis; Les Miserables

Weekend Links

Great group of links to end one year and begin another. I hope all of you had a great Christmas and that the New Year brings great productivity for Christ. Why not make this a year that you read through the whole Bible in a plan with other believers? Join us at Trinity Church as we read through the Bible with one of the programs listed here. As always, great links but not necessarily every point is support or endorsed by yours truly.

fig treeJust for Men

Imperishable Beauty (Tim Challies—what 5, 10, 15 years of addiction to pornography will produce in your spirit and in your view of your sisters in Christ will destroy all your opportunity to happiness unless repentance and cleansing by God’s Spirit.
On Being a Man (John Ransom—advice to another man’s son that is good for all men of every age.)

Better Thinking about Doctrine

The Glory of the Virgin Birth (David Mathis—always good to think why the virgin birth is important. David Mathis does an excellent job here in this short article with a magnificent quote from Mark Driscoll.)

Better Thinking about Apologetics

Why C.S. Lewis Never Wrote for Christianity Today (A brief but very insightful article on the tactics of C.S. Lewis and how and more importantly, why, they changed in his later years to reflect a change in the culture. All defenders and proclaimers of the faith would benefit from thinking through this short treatment.)
Les Miserables: A Film that Reveals What True Faith Looks Like (John Armstrong—I have been looking forward to seeing this classic work brought to the silver screen. When the Broadway musical made its appearance, I knew a new version was not far behind. Can’t wait to see it soon. Enjoy John’s review before or after seeing it yourself.)
Rebuttal to Newsweek’s Cover Story on the “Myths of Jesus” (Brief article but helpful.)
Evil and the Purposes of God (Worth reading if only that the author is a pastor in Newtown, Connecticut)

Better Thinking about Finances

Which President is the Biggest Spender: Part 2 (Dan Mitchell—a little complicated but insightful to the discussion.)

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