Is Preaching as Important as We Think?

Great Quotes Stolen from Other Sources

Preaching (words)I picked up the following quote from Chris Brauns and his website, A Brick in the Valley. In 480 B.C. the battle of Thermopylae was fought on the plains of Greece between the Greek forces and the invading Persians. It was a decisive battle, a battle that had to be fought on that particular plain because it was the only place to move a large army. Lose and Greece would be lost. Win and Greece would be saved. Spurgeon picks this image and this history as the backdrop for the discussing the importance of preaching to the Christian faith.

C. H. Spurgeon, as recorded in Lectures to My Students: Second Series (London: Passmore and Alabaster, 1877), page 146:

The pulpit is the Thermopylae of Christendom: there the fight will be lost or won.

To us ministers the maintenance of our power in the pulpit should be our great concern, we must occupy that spiritual watch-tower with our hearts and minds awake and in full vigor. It will not avail us to be laborious pastors if we are not earnest preachers.

We shall be forgiven a great many sins in the matter of pastoral visitation if the people’s souls are really fed on the Sabbath-day; but fed they must be, and nothing else will make up for it.

The failures of most ministers who drift down the stream may be traced to inefficiency in the pulpit. The chief business of a captain is to know how to handle his vessel, nothing can compensate for deficiency there, and so our pulpits must be our main care, or all will go awry.

What Do You Think?

  1. Is Spurgeon overstating the importance of preaching?
  2. If preaching isn’t that important, what is?
  3. How can we make sure that our pastors maintain this kind of blood-earnestness?

If he is right,
let us give ourselves to the passionate study and preaching of God’s word.

One thought on “Is Preaching as Important as We Think?

  1. Marty, I would love to be in a room filled with Pastors, such as yourself, and hear this tossed around in discussion! My personal take:

    1) Yes, it is that important–especially for the young believers who have little understanding. And for the older ones to sharpen their understanding and application. Our first calling to the people is to “feed!”
    2) Warning – must be offered with smaller references of discipleship (mentoring, small groups, etc.), where the gospel ‘life’ can be witnessed and walked out.
    3) As members grow as disciples, many of the “Pastoral expectations” are carried their shoulders, and thus allowing Pastors to labor in Word and Prayer in order to bring passionate teaching and preaching to the pulpit. Only men who have been alone with God, will be properly equipped to speak on behalf of God to a crowd.

    Of course, there are a plethora of things which could be said. I enjoyed this post. It reminds me of the constant need of my soul to get alone with my Lord! Thanks.
    God bless you brother….


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