Mollycuddled American Kids; American POW; Short Term Missionaries; Pastor’s Wives Talk; Transgenderism;

Weekend Links


10 more days till my wife returns from her visit to West Virginia and her mom.  Can’t wait to see her. In the meantime, I’m getting a lot of reading done. Here’s the links for your weekend education and amusement.


Defining Inerrancy  (Book Review by Daniel Wallace. Worthy short treatment of some of the relevant issues.)

Better Thinking about Missions

24 Things World Missionaries Wish North American Short-term Missionaries Would Never Say  (Miquel Labrador –great list to help North Americans to think as gospelers rather than North Americans.)

Better Thinking About Public Policy and Culture

The American POW and the New Questions it Raises (Disturbing back story to the “war hero” image.)
Is there a Good Case for Reparations for Slavery?  (Thought provoking. Make sure you read both sides before forming opinions.)
American Kids are a Bunch of Mollycuddled Babies  (There is a lot of truth here.)

Day LilliesBetter Thinking About Ministry

The Importance of Sleep to Productivity (Michael Hyatt–always helpful.)
The Most Common Factor in Declining Churches  (Thom Rainer–trusted voice.)
Six Things the Most Productive People Do Every Day  (Business Insider –I really need to digest this one myself.)
9 Secrets Your Pastor’s Wife Wants All Church Members to Understand  (My own pastoral experience has been a dream and my wife has loved our church experience but from the pastors I consult with, this is dead on.)

Better Thinking on the Cultural Obsession with Sex

Prisoners of Sex  (Ross Douthat—op ed for the New York Times. Typical Douthat, a powerful mind at work.)
“Genitalia is Not Destiny” – But, are They Designed?  (John Piper– seeks to answer the question: Is gender set by a preference of the individual, or a providence of God? Or to put it another way: Is my sex determined by my decision in my mind, or by God’s design in my nature? Exactly what all Christian leaders should deliver, a well-reasoned exposition of biblical teaching.
The Mass Delusion of Transgenderism  (Short but helpful.)
The Poor Child is Confused Not Transgendered (Matt Walsh –not a mild response!)
How Should the Church Respond to the Transgender Onslaught   (The Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: Pandora’s box has opened. How will the church respond?)

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