The Nonsensical World of Public Policy and Better Ministry in Light of It.

Weekend Links

So much nonsense in the world! So much. There once was a time when a right-wing newscaster or a left-wing newscaster could at least be trusted to present facts. They might have different interpretations of the facts but it was facts that both were trying to deal with. Today, people on the right and the left, deliberately slant some facts, cover up others inimical to their position, or outright lie to win arguments and poison the atmosphere of honest debate. As Christians examine the culture, we need to do all we can to present truth in love while at the same time, maintain a deliberate dependence upon Christ and the gospel rather than our activism to rescue the culture from the brink of oblivion.

political-debateBetter Thinking about Politics and Culture

Casual Marijuana Usage Linked to Brian Abnormalities  (The news that Colorado doesn’t want to hear and health officials will be discussing for some time.)
Harvard Scientists Study the Brains of Pot Smokers and the Results Don’t Look Good  (Who will pay attention?)

Hobby Lobby’s Steve Green Launches a New Bible Curriculum Project for Public Schools (Very interesting.)
How Bill O’Reilly Got History Wrong on Civil Rights  (Ann Coulter—insightful article from one of America’s most controversial figures.)

The High Cost of Liberalism  (Thomas Sowell–brilliant, short, and probably too clear for those with a liberal agenda to palate.)
The High Cost of Liberalism Part 2
 (Thomas Sowell–presses the observations of part 1 into the sphere of gun control and what is happening in Ukraine.)

Black Marine Stands Up for Clive Bundy  (Liberal media has taken Bundy’s admittedly in-elegant comments and spun them to make him look like a racist. He isn’t. Compares the whole interview with what the media has doctored to make Bundy look bad.)

Better Thinking in Ministry

Four Ways to Empower Others in Worship Ministry  (Aaron Ivey at Verge — great counsel not just relevant for worship leaders, but any leader who wants to multiply him or herself.)
When Pastors Fail: Why a Full and Public Repentance Matters  (Ed Stetzer—I think in many cases this is also true for any who are in prominent positions of leadership, whether or not they are pastors.)

Phoney Music, Phoney Singers: The Dirty Secret of the Music Industry  (Hypocrits)

How Muslims are Becoming Great Evangelists for the Gospel  (God is at work in the Muslim world.)
God’s Hot Pursuit of a Former Bank Robber  (Transformed life testimony.)
Analyzing Matthew Vines Exegesis and Support for Homosexuality  (A thoughtful and on point critique. Don’t let Matthew Vines, Brian McLaren and others pull the wool over your eyes. Homosexuality is not supported by any fair reading of the Scripture.)

For Better Health, Fun and Sustainability

Brilliant Idea that Could Help a Lot of People

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