Understanding Atonement; Christianity’s Crisis in Parenting; Dealing with Gossip; and much more.

Weekend Links

I was out of the reach of the Internet and even good cell phone connection for five days making my posts pretty sparse. West Virginia may be “almost heaven” but its mountains are pretty formidable for almost all technology. But it was good to see Steph’s mom and to spend some time with my daughter. Count on some new posts exploring what missional means, what discipleship process looks like, and what it means to fill our leaky souls with Christ.


Doing Ministry Better

New Bible Study Helps Students Learn How to Think Not Just Know Stuff  (Long overdue. Book review. Buy this book and work into your youth ministry planning and thinking.)
What Can We Learn from Canada on Same-Sex Marriage and the Church (Canada legalized same-sex marriage 10 years ago.  Are there lessons we can learn from their experience?)
Who is Leaving the Church and Why? Are They Leaving or Switching? (Important article destroying some myths and opening up windows of understanding as well as opportunities to refine our ministries. Is the problem a parenting issue?)
Using Social Media Well: Being a Shepherd  (Matt Mitchell—I was going to blog on this myself. Now I don’t have to. Good article.)


Understanding the Atonement  (John Armstrong —a fresh look at what the payment of our debt of sin means.)

Just for Fun

Wall Art for Cities (I would love to see more of this kind of  thing in my own town of Watseka, IL. It could be the start of a downtown revitalization and a great place to showplace artists work.)

Better Engagement on Healthcare Issues

Neither the Republicans Nor the Democrats are Telling the American People the Truth Bout HealthCare (Short Video)

Better Engagement with Culture and Politics

Naive Senator Dick Durban Promotes Dream Act with a Less than Helpful Example (Must read.  Activist on both the right and the left are adept at using politicians for their own ends.)

Praises to God Who Rescues People from Horror

Do You Know What Happened to this Girl?  (Man’s inhumanity to man and the ravages of war good reminders that we need a Savior to rescue us. Here’s a reminder that He does.)

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