Assembling the Right Team for Your Church or Church Plant

Weekend Musings

leadership-jigsawThese are culled from my notes on a seminar by Larry Osborne from last year’s national Free Church Conference.  Six thoughts and a few quotes about winning teams from Larry Osborne:

  1. Winning Teams have Winning Players.
            Losing Teams have
    .       Good Players.  

    “Two biggest derailment factors for ‘thought-to-be-fast-trackers’: Inability to to adapt and poor people skills. They didn’t play well in the sandbox with others.”
  2. Winning Teams Guard the Gate.
            Losing Teams Allow Everyone In.
    “Never value gifts over character. The three areas where this is often ignored is among Teaching Pastors, Worship Pastors and Youth Pastors. Don’t do it.”

  3. Winning Teams Make Unity a Priority.
    .       Losing Teams Think of Unity as an Afterthought.
    “Have the guts to cut out cancer. Probably half of you have a cancer on your staff.”
    (You could have heard a pin drop on the carpeted floor of the room.)
  4. Winning Teams Focus on Their Mission.
            Losing Teams Focus on Success.

  5. Winning Teams Focus on Empowerment.
            Losing Teams Focus on Tenure and Honor.

  6. Winning Teams Focus on the Task.
    .       Losing Teams Focus on the Past.

I can’t think of a church in America that doesn’t or won’t need to apply these points at some time in their history.

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