Are Christians in America Christians?

David PlattRan across this yesterday and wanted to pass it along. A good post for Father’s Day I think.  Men, we need to be authentic and committed to the Savior. Pray for revival in America.

David Platt discusses what it looks like to be a Christian today.

He says, “We live in a day where it means almost nothing to be a Christian. According to research almost 4 out of every 5 Americans identify themselves as Christians…But in this group of self proclaimed Christians, less than half of them are involved in church on a weekly basis. Less than half of them believe the Bible is true. An overwhelming majority of them don’t have a biblical view of the world around them. So researchers went even deeper then to distinguish men and women who are ‘born again Christians,’ as if there’s any other kind of Christian. But these are people who say they’ve made a personal commitment to Jesus, they believe they’ll go to heaven, because they’ve accepted Jesus as their savior.

And according to research nearly half of Americans are ‘born again Christians.’ But you look at this group of ‘born again Christians’ and researchers found that their beliefs and lifestyles and virtually indistinguishable from the world around them. Many ‘born again Christians’ believe their works can earn them a place in heaven. Others think that Christians and Muslims worship the same god. Some believe that Jesus sinned while He was on Earth. And an ever increasing number of ‘born again Christians‘ just describe themselves as marginally committed to Jesus.

So people you can use data like this to conclude that Christians are really not that different from the rest of the world. But I don’t think that interpretation of that research is accurate. I think the one thing that’s abundantly clear from those statistics is that there are a whole lot of people in our country who think that they are Christians, but they are not. There are scores of people—here and around the world who culturally distinguish themselves as Christians and biblically are not followers of Christ.”

4 thoughts on “Are Christians in America Christians?

  1. You can be a member of a family and need a spanking once in a while, but can you be a member of a family and not be sure who your parents are? Not talk to them or listen to them or, for that matter, never report being spanked by them? For he whom a father loves he chastens, and forgives and teaches and empowers. I talk about my Father all the time and what he does for me and watch the response, if they share their family experience, I know I have a brother,if they stare blankly, I wonder and offer a prayer and thank God for being real for me. OUCH!


  2. Thanks for the post.

    These are the facts. Sad but true.

    But the good news, as you know, is that there are also millions of real Christians in this country.

    Glad the Lord directed me here.


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