Atheist Converts; Game of Thrones Hopelessness; Government Horrors; and much more

Weekend Links

Got to play some golf yesterday at a Young Life fund raiser.  My team was less than sterling but we received a reward for losing big — each of us received a copy of the Robert Duval movie, Seven Days in Utopia.  Haven’t seen it but think Duval is great in almost everything, especially westerns. Looking forward to watching it tonight with my bride.  I’m also looking forward to Father’s Day tomorrow and a possible visit from one of our daughters.  Have a great day of worship tomorrow and remember, I just link them here. I don’t necessarily endorse everything in the links below.

Image, School of MinistryWhere Have all the Baptisms Gone?  (Thom Rainer —an important discussion that is sourced in Southern Baptist history and is relevant for everyone in the Protestant tradition.)
22 Maps that Reveal how differently English is Spoken throughout the Country (Look at map 15 to find out what to properly call a long sandwich with cold cuts and lettuce, Hint most of the country has it wrong.)
Giving Up on Game of Thrones  (Thinking Christianly–There is such a thirst for escape, fantasy and adventure in people, Christians and non-Christians alike, that sometimes we fall prey to dangerous Hollywood products like Game of Thrones (Book and Films). Here’s help in thinking better about what is appropriate and what isn’t.)
The Three Worst Qualities of the Gospel-Centered Movement  (Really a great post by a young believer showing wisdom beyond his years and experience.)
Oh to be Such a Worm for the Glory of Christ (John Piper on the ministry of William Carey)

Image, apologeticsTop Atheist Scientist Converts to Christianity  (Video—God delights to change people.)
Men in Black Robes  (Eric Metaxes—audio clip from Breakpoint, don’t miss this.)

1 Government

Truly Chilling Exchange Between a Jewish Speaker and a Female Muslim Student at the University of California, San Diego  (Evil is at our doorsteps.)
The Scowling Face of the State  (George F. Will—I have always enjoyed the writing clarity and precision of George Will. This is one of those pieces that will hang with you and puts the whole creeping power of the state.)
Alarming how Much Privacy has Already Been Lost in the Information Age
The Sewer and the Drop Box  (A great story from Breakpoint offering real hope for the end of abortion.)

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