One thought on “What Does Repentance Really Look Like in a Man of God?

  1. According to the bible what is required is repentance towards God and faith through Jesus Christ. True repentance is towards God while believing in the Son of God who is the way to the Father. We are able to repent towards now due to the grace of God (which is our second chance because we were not supposed to be alive after breaking God’s commandments) and the provided way to the Father. Repentance is change of mind and actions and realigning them with the will of God and obeying God’s commandments through the power of the Holy Spirit. Not forgiving others will render one’s repentance void because God forgives those that forgive others. Repentance is surrenderng our bodies to God to be dwelt by His Spirit and be controlled by Him thereby forsaking all evil, pride, disobedience to God. If you say you have repented and reject God’s commandments and laws then that is not repentance.

    Millions repent of some sins but at same time choose which commandments of God to obey. we want God to bend to what we want instead of ourlseves obeying Him no matter what the cost and no matter what man and denominations say about you. Each one will be judged individually and let no man choose for you what you should obey in the word of God. Salvation is personal and remember your life is very very precious. So test all doctrines you have been taught and verify them if they contradict with any part of the bible or if they cancel out any scripture. many will be schocked on the day of judgement when Christ will reject them. I would not want to be shocked. That is the reason I diligently search and make sure my mind is objective and independent in analysing scriptures and we should not be stopped or forbidden from reading books of other churches or ministries because we got to research otherwise we shall be caged in darkness without knowing like many that are caged and not allowed even to look at other books. They think even touching other books is a grievious sin.


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