A Rejected Bible; Casting Out Demons; Bible Hypocrisy; Political Lies; Illogical Logic and much more

Weekend Links

Thinking Better About Doctrine

Why the Missouri-Synod Lutheran Church Rejects the NIV 2011 Version (You may disagree with their conclusions, but the values they are seeking to protect are the right center point for evaluation.)
Is there a Place for Casting Out Demons in the Modern World? (John Piper)
Most Church Goers Do Not Read Their Bible on a Daily Basis (And that is why we are so weak, stunted and powerless for Christ.)

Here’s a New Kitchen Idea for Fresher Salads

Better Engagement with Culture

Obama Camp’s Refutation of Ryan: Lies to Cover Details (Details, details, details. The truth is hiding in the details not the sound bites.)
Where Did Milwaukee’s Black Voters Go? (A great example of the truth is in the details, not the sound bite or headline.)
Racism and Republicanism
Red Carpet Treatment for Solyndra Figure at Democratic Convention (Money, big money is not just a Republican problem. It was nice to see Brian Ross give a look at Democratic money in a fair way.)
Top 10 Falsehoods from Former President Clinton at the DNC

Ending Abortion

Liberal Writer Says Saving Black Babies is Proof the Right Hates Blacks (Say What? More proof that the polarization of the culture is so warped that language is losing all its meaning. Pray people, pray. Surely we are living in the last days, when this kind of tortured logic goes for wisdom on the left.)
Alveda King on Michele Obama’s Speech and Embrace of Abortion (Great speech, great affirmation of her husband. Respectful, loving, encouraging but … bad polices underneath it.)
Life Bracelet Saves a Young Girl from being Aborted (A story that must be heard. The sovereign God is the opener and closer of wombs and takes NO delight in abortion. Must read.)

Better Engagement with Neighbors

Most Christians Stink at Evangelism (Mark Driscoll is right on target. Churches, and by that I mean pastors and elders stink at training people and modeling for people how to be heralds of the gospel. We are trying to correct this at Trinity Church. I’m excited about the response of the church.)
There is No Salvation for those Who Won’t Admit They are Sinners (John MacArthur)

Sustainable Agriculture

Cool Site about Sustainable Agriculture for Small Communities

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