The Creativity of a Lover

Not an actual picture of the woman in the story. Her name and likeness are known only by the missionary and God Himself.

She was black, blind, uneducated and 70 years old. 

But she was filled with gratitude.

And she knew who she was. She knew that she had been rescued. She knew from where she had come. She knew that her future was now secure. She knew that the largess of her benefactor extended to many others. She wanted to tell her story.

She came to the one who had told her good news and brought her into relationship with her Savior. She had a Bible she couldn’t read but which she could have people read to her. She asked him to underline John 3:16 in red ink in her French Bible. 

“Mystified, the missionary watched her as she took her Bible and sat in front of a boys’ school in the afternoon. When school dismissed, she would call a boy or two and ask them if they knew French. When they proudly responded that they did, she would say, ‘Please read the passage underlined in red.’ When they did she would ask, ‘Do you know what this means?’ 

Colossians and Philemon: The Supremacy of Christ, 
by R. Kent Hughes (Crossway, 1989), 50. 

With no eyes, no education, diminishing years and declining health, before she died, the missionary reported that 24 young boys became pastors due to her work. 

If you love Jesus, you find a way to make Him known.


What might you do with your two eyes, and education and your remaining years that might have an eternal impact on the lives of others?

2 thoughts on “The Creativity of a Lover

  1. Joe Spence, an Iowa farmer with a 3rd grade education, pumped the love of the Lord into his children and grandchildren. He and his wife Nellie, took in truants in their county and likewise instilled the Lord Jesus into many. 8 of 14 grandchildren have been or are active in prison ministry.

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