Using “Wait Time” for the Gospel Good of Our Neighbors

Friday is for Heart Songs

Bible ReadingHere’s a simple idea stimulated by an old friend from our days in California. 

During a typical month in these United States, we have various times when we are out in public, sitting, and waiting. 

  • the doctor’s office
  • the dentist office
  • the Jiffy Lube waiting room
  • the car-dealer’s service waiting room
  • the “getting new tires” waiting room
  • the benches of Walmart™ waiting for a prescription to be filled
  • the annual parent-teacher wait
  • the “board meeting isn’t ready to start” wait

You get the idea.

Bible Reading 3Pull out your Bible, preferably an actual Bible rather than a Bible on your smart phone (too inconspicuous), and read it publicly. This is not a “practicing your righteousness before men” idea. This is an experiment in what happens kind of idea. Maybe like, my friend Mike Berk who was reading Ephesians in the waiting room of a tire store, a conversation will start because of fellow-waiter’s interest in what has your attention. It happened to Mike. It happened to me on an airplane twice.

Maybe you will get the opportunity to start a conversation about Jesus. Maybe a man or woman will be rescued from the a life without God because you simply were reading your Bible in public.

One thought on “Using “Wait Time” for the Gospel Good of Our Neighbors

  1. Two incidents over last 6 months. On the first, had not done devotions that morning. Was getting tanker loaded at a facility where one could not stay in the truck while loading so I went to driver waiting room with my Bible to read a few chapters. Had not been there 5 min. when another driver came in and asked me what I was reading. “The story of Christ,” was my simple answer. We spent the next 30 minutes talking of the world, Christ, The Church…He seemed pretty solid. I asked him what he did to proclaim Christ. He told me he talked to people like me…and I am screaming in my head, “Noooooooooo, you are preaching to the choir!” He was not home much, did not get to Church much. I told him that I would pray that we both would become bolder proclaimers He was great with that. And I did pray for the both of us for a bit.

    The second time was in the driver room of my own company. Rick came in. I had never personally met Rick. While in training with the company, I saw a woman getting out of her truck, pony tail almost to her waist. I asked my trainer how many women were working here. He told me that if I called him that to his face (I was going to get beat up (the polite version)). His name was Rick. So Rick tells me he reads the Bible, too. We talked for quite some time…he talked a lot about family, everybody that he knows is family. Even his X is still family even though she lives half way across the country. He spoke of how Christ brought him out of a very deep dark place, (with tears) that no one would believe it by looking at him. How he needs to go to Church more often.

    He told me how God had led him to his girlfriend who was really super. I told him I would pray for him as I remembered him. He said he appreciated that. Sometime later my dispatcher asked me if I could take a load on Sunday morning. Now I do work Sundays, at least portions of Sunday too often. When in town I am going to Church before picking up a load. I told my dispatcher that I really needed to be in Church that morning but could pick it up later in the day if that could work. He advised that if I could get my trailer over to the shipper by Saturday night that Rick could get it loaded for me. He wasn’t worried about missing Church. “Rick is closer to The Church, than you could possibly imagine,” I told my dispatcher. Dispatcher smiled. Rick has a new girlfriend since the last time I talked to him, according to other drivers. I like Rick, and I pray for Rick. I had admitted that the first time I saw him I thought he was a woman. He laughed, “I wonder why?”

    So lately, 100% of the time I have pulled my Bible out in public I was never able to finish my objective.


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