Christians: Come Out of Hibernation; Your Neighbors Need You.

Monday is for Discussion

BBQ Image 2Great conversation after our worship service on Sunday about not waiting for “good weather” to care for and engage your neighbors with the message of Christ.  A sister in Christ shared how she was looking forward to the good weather and beginning to have more opportunity to interact with neighbors and hopefully, share Christ. But as she began to do so, with simple acts, returning a neighbor’s trash can that was blowing in the wind, taking a meal to a few neighbors, new discoveries were made.

During the winter (hibernating months for many Christians), one neighbor had a heart attack, another neighbor’s wife left him, and reality shouted, “bad things don’t stop happening to our neighbors while we are waiting for good weather.” 

I get it, I do. When warmer weather arrives, there is so much more opportunity to connect with neighbors.

  • flowers and vegetables to grow in a garden to share with others.
  • walks to take and interact with others  in the neighborhood
  • ball games to coach, attend, and sit with others at
  • swim meets to sit with other parents at,
  • BBQ’s and parties to host,
  • picnics to arrange
  • gardens to tend,
  • yards to rake and lawns to cut and cars to wash, all of which may afford opportunities to interact, build relationships, show the love of Christ, and pray for an opening to sensitively proclaim the hope of the gospel.

All of these are “low hanging fruit” opportunities in the better weather months of the year. They are easy pickings. Easy opportunities to love our neighbors, invite them into our homes, our backyards, into our lives. But my sister is right,  “bad things don’t stop happening to our neighbors while we are waiting for good weather.”

Every day you breathe air is another opportunity to represent Jesus to your neighbor, to love them, to care for them, pray with and for them. And as you do, God who commands you to make disciples of the nations will give you boldness, joy, and love for the ones to whom you go. But he gives as we go. Go to them. Find a way. Pray for a way. And watch God answer your prayer and obedience to him.

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