The Tidal Wave Coming to the American Church

The tidal wave is coming. Will we be ready?

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I am becoming more and more convinced that there is a tidal wave coming to the American Church. It is doctrinal in nature and unless pastors and church leaders are released from their bondage to the therapeutic concerns of people in their pulpits and teaching, the American Church is going to see tidal-wave-like destruction in the near (next 15 years) future.

What is the issue?

We don’t understand the gospel.

Sound crazy. It gets crazier. Evangelicals, the staunch defenders of the Bible, and inerrancy, and substitutionary atonement, and the cross of Christ are abandoning all of these for a mess of theological porridge that Jesus and the Apostles would not recognize. We, we evangelicals, are becoming a very soft-headed, anti-intellectual, culturally correct people who are far more interested in getting along with everyone rather than standing for the “truth once delivered.” (Jude 3)

Brothers and Sisters:

There is…

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