We’ve Got Discipleship All Wrong

Getting discipleship right, reforming our practice and thinking about discipleship could lead to a new reformation.

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Thursday is for Discipleship

The surprising thing is that what I am about to write will sound radical.  It’s not.  It’s biblical. It’s what Jesus taught, which I suppose was radical in its time.  But it is not the practice of the modern church, so it is going to sound radical because it goes against all our experience.

Here’s my thesis:
Discipleship is evangelistic before it is formative.

In the typical church, mention the word discipleship and the first thought generated will be along the line of deepening people into greater maturity in Christ.  But Jesus starts the process with one of the clearest and simplest verses in all of Scripture.

“Follow me and I will make you to be fishers of men.”

(Mark 1:17; cf Matt. 4:19)

Straightforward and simple.  We follow him.  He makes us fishers of men. Condition and promise or, if you prefer…

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