Sin, Repentance and Jesus

Rembrandt’s Return of the Prodigal Son

Just watched All the Kings Men, a 1949 movie about a charismatic but corrupt Governor and the shady dealings and the strong-armed tactics used to get his way. A populist politician who got things done but stepped on anyone who got in his way. First impression, beyond disgust, was it looked like a playbook for President Trump. My second thought, was that it is the same playbook many others, on both side of the left-right divide use. It’s just that others, more adept at the game, call the plays with less ham-fistedness than the former President. Thanks to Turner Classic Movies for the reminder.

We are all sinners. Only Jesus can turn us into sons and daughters of God. But He does it everyday when people repent of their sin and turn to Him.

“No one is excluded from Jesus’ demand to repent. He made this clear when a group of people came to him with news of two calamities. Innocent people had been killed by Pilates’s massacre and by the fall of the tower of Siloam (Luke 13:1-4). Jesus took the occasion to warn even the bearers of the news: ‘Unless you repent, you will all likewise perish’ (Luke 13:5). In other words, don’t think calamities mean that some people are sinners in need of repentance and others aren’t. All need repentance. Just as all need to be born again (John 3:7), so all must repent because all are sinners.”

What Jesus Demands from the World,
John Piper, (p. 42)
(Crossway Books, 2006)

Fragment of a Sculpture, The Return of the Prodigal

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