Other People’s Questions

Three thoughts on a Sunday evening.

  • I seem to have lost some focus on posting.
  • I haven’t been posting new material frequently enough.
  • I need more discipline.

So, today, I decided to start a new “periodic and continuing” series of posts titled, “Other People’s Questions”. The impetus for the series is some of the smart questions that other people ask from time to time. Sometimes I over hear them. Sometimes people are asking my wife a question. (Maybe I can get her to write!) Sometimes people ask me questions about life, ministry, relationships, theology, Bible study, current affairs, church planting. People ask some great questions, a lot of which, I don’t have good answers to in the moment. But they get me thinking and help me grow and think better. So, beginning this Monday, I will kick off this new series with a question I was asked this week after worship today.

All these posts will follow the same pattern. 

  1. The question I was asked (or overheard).
  2. The occasion or context for the question.
  3. A short biblically informed answer in 500 words or less filtered though my experience.
  4. And an invitation for others to weigh in with your own perspective.

Tomorrow’s Question:  “How do you study the Bible?”

I hope to post between noon and 1 PM on Mondays.

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