New Projects are Afoot

Picture is of a Writer’s Desk (Not mine)

I just finished a long time writing project (The Ultimate Book of Names) and I am beginning the ground work on a long term dream, the writing of a historical novel based on an anonymous woman in Gospel of Luke. (I think she might not be anonymous after all!).

Part of my research for the novel is to immerse myself in all of the gospels and it books specifically focused on illuminating the history of the first century. Among the first books I pulled off the shelf was Johnston M. Cheney and Stanley Ellisen’s THE GREATEST STORY: A Unique Blending of the Four Gospels. This book is itself a rewrite of Cheney’s original work, The Life of Christ in Stereo. Both of these were very helpful to me when I wrote Experience the Passion of the Christ

If you are a fan of the The Chosen production, you have a good idea of the flavor I am going for in the novel—a plausible back story for a real person in the gospel narrative who is unnamed in one place but who might be named in another. Praying for a compelling story that will shine forth the power of the gospel in a unique way. Enough for now. I have a lot of prayers to pray, research to do, an outline and book proposal to write and characters to develop.

But I sure could us your prayers.

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