For the Love of Christ, Give Us Men Like This!

The king was evil and powerful. He knew what he wanted and was willing to do anything to get it. He was a fist-in-the face-of-God leader and was willing to pay for the answers he wanted. Four hundred of his lackeys were flattering his ego. And one lone prophet of Judah stood up to him and told him the truth. His name was Micaiah and the King hated him. He threatened Micaiah and eventually imprisoned Micaiah but Micaiah did not budge. He did not flinch. He served the nation by serving God and told the truth.

“But Micaiah said,
‘As the LORD lives, what the LORD says to me,
that I shall speak.'”

      1 Kings 22:14

“O God, give us preachers like Micaiah. Give our preachers boldness and faith to say no to men and yes to You. Give us men who will stay on task in the pulpit. Make us faithful to our call. Make us fear nothing but You, not men, not elders, not deacons, not power-brokers or manipulators, not governments or fears of failure. The people to whom You have sent us need You and Your word. So make us servants who say what You want us to say for Your glory and the eternal joy of those to whom You send us. In Christ’s name.”

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