A Day’s Liturgy for a Covid19 World

A Liturgy for a Day Filled with Christ

Sunrise at South Myrtle Beach

A Call to Worship as We Greet the Day

“Let those who delight in righteousness
because they know they are unrighteous
and yet have been made righteous by the grace of God 
shout for joy and be glad.
May we be a people who say with all that we are,
‘Great is the Lord,
who delights in the welfare of His servants.’
May we exalt in His care
and tell the world of His love.”

Cf. Psalm 35: 27-28

A Mid-Day Prayer for Revival

“Teach us to live by prayer
as well as by your tender and wise care,
for ourselves, and all that concerns us;
Give us hearts framed by Your will;
so we might live in prayer,
and honor You,
being kept from evil, known and unknown.
Help us to see the sin that accompanies all we do,
and the good we can distil from everything.
Let us know that the work of prayer
is to bring our wills into conformity to Yours,
and that without this it is folly to pray.
Do all this, O God, through Christ our Lord,
for the glory of Your name and revive the sheep of Your pasture.

Adapted from The Valley of Vision:
A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions,
by Arthur Bennett

A Benediction to Sanctify the Night

“May you this night commit your way to the LORD,
and trust Him with all the work you did today.
May you trust Him to bring forth your righteousness as the light
and you justice as the noonday sun.
Be still, this night, and wait patiently for Him
and have no fear, for He will protect You in the night
and cause you to rise in the morning
to either joyfully serve Him here
or praise Him in glory with the saints.”

Cf. Psalm 37:5-7; Philippians 1:21

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