Some Changes to My Postings

Dark Night 9 (Starry Night over Philly)
Van Gogh Over Philadelphia

UPDATE from two years ago: The postings that were originally put here back in 2020 are becoming a book (much expanded and amended!). I am hunting a publisher now and working on revisions. I would appreciate your prayers. Tentative title:

Liturgies for Life: Saturating the Day with Thoughts of Christ

About three weeks ago, I started a new experiment in my devotions. I began to write liturgies for myself to remind me to sanctify the day. It was simple. Before my devotions, I would call my heart to worship by writing a call to worship. In the afternoon, I would try to write a prayer to call my heart to repentance, and in the evening I would attempt a benediction over the day.

After a few days, I began to share some of them on Facebook. My thought was that in absence of a church, I would make my Facebook friends my flock. I felt like what had become a great exercise for me might be helpful to others. As week two ended, I was surprised to find that many people have responded positively to the series. But I want to make some changes. 

I am going to do just one post with all three items together. My hope is to make it easier to do my writing and thinking together, make it easier for everyone to see and find them on Facebook, and cut down the number of emails per day in the inboxes to those who subscribe to my BLOG. Beginning tomorrow, there will be one post with the following outline. I hope it is more helpful to those who have appreciated the experiment.

A Liturgy for a Day Filled with Christ

A Call to Worship to Greet the Day

A Mid-Day Prayer for Revival

A Benediction to Sanctify the Night

I hope it is as helpful to you as it is to me.

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