The Passover Approaches, The Lamb is Ready

Covid19 or not, nothing dulls the season of preparation for Passion Week beginning with Palm Sunday, flowing through Good Friday to Easter. Don’t miss the celebration, THE LAMB IS READY.

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Wednesday is for Prayer

Jesus-Praying-Last-SupperIt is the night before He suffered.

The Passover is a people-shaping event in the Jewish calendar.

  • It celebrates God’s selection of the Jews out of Egypt.
  • It celebrates God’s hearing the suffering of his people and acting for them.
  • It celebrates God’s sparing the first-born child of Israel.
  • It celebrates God’s providing for Israel in the desert.
  • It celebrates splitting of a sea and passing through on dry ground.
  • It celebrates the faithfulness of God to Israel.
  • It celebrates the giving of land “flowing milk and honey.”

passover-with-disciplesBut that’s not all . . .

  • It remembers chariots being defeated and the fearsome judgment of God.
  • It remembers the giving of the law on Mt. Sinai.
  • It remembers God’s faithfulness to his promises.
  • It remembers and celebrates the placing of lambs blood on the door posts of Israelite homes so that the death angel would pass over…

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