Getting Knees on the Ground

People Praying in the Ukraine
People in the Ukraine Praying for their Nation

“You’ve heard it said that to be victorious in a military battle you must have the ‘most boots on the ground.’  Conversely, to be victorious in a spiritual battle, you must have the most ‘knees on the ground.’”

The character Eli to his young pastor
friend Elmo in the novel
The Old Man and the Tea, by McMillian Moody

17 Days til Easter. Think about that!
Wouldn’t it be great to see the nation return to worship because the Covid19 virus crisis has abated? 
Wherever your church is,
North, South
East or West,
wherever it meets,
a home, a school, under a tree, a bar, a building, a warehouse, or a cathedral,

do  everything  in  your  power,
everything  in  your  ability

to help your church put more “knees on the ground” for every spiritual battle you know of and for all the ones you don’t.
  • Pray for the nation to think hard about eternity.
  • Pray for the nation to be healed of the virus.
  • Pray for the nation to respond to the gospel.
  • Pray that Christians would be as faithful to talk about Jesus as they are the virus.

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