“Carpe noctem” Using the Night for the Glory of God

Take some risks in your neighborhood for the joy this Fall.

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Thursday is for Discipleship

Night skyCarpe noctem, “Seize the night.” The days are getting shorter and the nights longer. The wind and wetness of October have arrived. Fall is here.

Here in the South East, that means many of us will be spending more time inside for than we have for the last seven months. 

Why not make some plans now to do one thing a month. One thing every 30 days, who can’t do that? So here’s a grab bag of ideas to “Carpe Noctem” (Seize the Night):

  1. Have a soup night for a few friends from church. Enjoy your fellowship around the warmth of your home and the joy of Christ. Try to include the newest family you can find, or one of the widows of the church, or … (let the Spirit of God guide you.)
  2. Have a soup night for a few of…

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