Digging Deep for the Glory of God

Preparations for Operation OverlordGuarding the flock often takes a lot of heavy digging in the Scriptures. The picture above is of some of the bulldozers assembled for OPERATION OVERLORD (the Normandy Invasion of Europe in World War II). That assemblage of hardware is a great picture that war, any war, is a lot more than guns and ammunition.
Our war is with powers and principalities and thoughts raised up against the knowledge of God. Our war is a war waged for the hearts and minds of a generation being led to believe that evil things are good and good things are evil.
Many of the issues spoken about in the links below are precisely the kind of things that such men in churches around the country will have to tackle in the next decade as they pray for, teach and guard the flock of God. May God raise up a mighty army of men like them who will sacrifice their lives on the alter of God’s service for the glory of the King of Kings. Men who will pray and study hard and teach with fervor and thoroughness the great truths of the gospel. There is still only one gospel and one way to heaven. And nothing short of the gospel of Jesus Christ will do for the needs of the world.

Better Engagement with Non-Christians

Muslim Woman Tells How and Why She Converted to Christ (Video)
Rob Bell’s Ginormous “Mirror”  (Mark Galli _ Christianity Today—an important article about a dangerous brother who also happens to ask important questions.)

Better Engagement with Neighbors

Neighborhood Doorknob Hangers  (I love this idea for building community and relationships. See what you think.)

Better Thinking about Ministry and the Christian Life

Five Great Books on Prayer (Found this after reading Tim Challies negative review of Mark Batterson’s The Circle Maker book. Excellent review and excellent recommendations.)
Mathematical Proof of the Truth of Christianity  (An old argument that still carries significant weight. My friend Tom Wangler, should update Stoner’s book with new proofs and contemporary stories. Tom, if you are reading, I have great confidence you can do it. )
Andy Stanley’s View of Scripture is a Poison Pill  (Denny Burk—Dr. Burk is not questioning Andy’s salvation or the mighty way that God has used him. But he is pointing out that saved and mightily used doesn’t mean that he can be trusted at all points. A good lesson to remember.)
The New Purpose of Marriage and the Problems Headed Our Way  (Gospel Coalition—every church in America needs to begin the process of hammering out their position and policies related to these issues. This article will be a great resource in doing so.)

Better Engagement with Culture and Politics

Creating Life to Destroy It (Breakpoint—John Stonestreet, the whole issue of cloning is not going away. Scientist seem to have the mindset about almost everything they do has no moral relevance. “We can do it so it’s okay to do it.” That is a recipe for disaster.)
The Feminist, Pro-Father and Pro-Children, Case against No-Fault Divorce  (I love it when at least at some level, the culture begins to come to its senses.)

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