Weekend Links

Politics, World History, and Culture

The Horrors of Communist China Under Mao Zedong that Most Westerners Don’t Know About     History is important and when we forget it we set ourselves up for failure. This article exposes socialism / marxism / communism for the brutal shame  that it really is.

Why is Hungry Building a Wall and Is It Working?      Long video interview that might prove helpful in assessing our own situation.

Truth Bomb!    Progressive utopia! NOT!!  (video)

Leftist Ideology and the Corruption of the American Military   Thanks to my high school friend John Gavin for passing this along. John is a Naval Academy graduate and a life-long Marine.

How Martina Navratilova Found Herself on the Wrong Side of History   Another article exposing the insanity of the “transgender evangelists” and their attack on science, culture, and history not to mention the word of the living God.

Technology, Science and Gardening

New AI Fake Text Generator May Be Too Dangerous to Release    “It is impossible to keep up with all the Darkness that is descending. There is one rule to remember. If something can be done, it will be done.”   Coleman Luck

Why and How to Prune Your Tomato and Pepper Plants    I’m looking forward to a bigger garden this year. Plant enough to bless your neighbors.

Winged Seeds.   Short video of an extraordinary winged seed. But it is not nature that created these. It is the omnipotent God. All hail the Creator.

Christianity, Devotion, Biblical Interpretation

How Will the Nation be Changed?    Political activism? Legions of new voters? Democrats getting the Presidency? Republicans keeping the the Presidency? Some new political party? Progressive values triumphing over tradition? Traditional values triumphing over progressive? Some new perspective? None of these. But this short video and article points a way that has changed the nation in the past. Will the nation be changed again? Will it follow the pattern of the past?

Review of John Goldengay’s New Translation of the Old Testament   Helpful review. I want to get a copy, unfortunately, it is very expensive right now.

United Methodists Saved by Bishops from Africa   Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Thank you Lord, for Dr. Kulah from the United Methodist University in Liberia. Read the full text of his defense of othodoxy and the message he gave to American Methodist leaders (sic).


Why Our Children are Falling Behind and What Parents MUST Do    An important article that reminds parents to be parents and reestablish their role in shaping the lives of their children’s education.

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