Weekend Links: Sweden’s Socialism; AOC; Pastor Arrested; Forgiveness; Jim Kelly family on Suffering and much more.

Flowering Trees in South Carolina
What February Looks Like in South Carolina

Politics, Climate Change and Entertainment

Stossel on Is Sweden a Socialist Country?    Bottom Line: Put the breaks on the the mad rush to socialism.

AOC’s Green New Deal Proposal is . . .          Ben Shapiro’s wit and wisdom give perspective on a new proposal from the current media darling.

Insanity In England Coming to America Soon    A 74 year-old woman in England writes a blog post and says “Gender is biological, not a psychological construct.” For this one politically incorrect statement she is visited by the police and told that she has offended transgender people and should write no more and remove her posts.

Pastor Arrested for Talking to a Muslim    Not kidding. This happened in Minnesota!  Freedom is under fire. Freedom is being assaulted by political correctness.

A World without Forgiveness   Ben Shapiro on the most important issues coming out of all the political controversy in Virginia. Ben is a committed Jew and his critique comes from that perspective but there is much to commend here for Christians as well.

Science, Technology, and Culture

Prager University Video on the Intersection of Faith and Reason    A series of videos featuring Philosopher Peter Kreft, writer, Eric Metaxes, Astrophysisist, Brian Keating, thinker and radio personality, Dennis Prager.

John Stossel on Climate Change     Short video interviewing and questioning some of the scientists on both sides of the debate.  

Top Scientist Resigns ‘Global Warming is a $Triillons Scam — It has Corrupted Many Scientists’     Interesting. If money corrupts politics why would we think that it wouldn’t corrupt scientists?

Christianity, Devotion, Apologetics

NFL Hall of Famer Quarterback Jim Kelly’s Wife Writes about the Trustwothiness of God in the Midst of Her Husband’s Latest Hospitialization.    Not your normal testimony. Worthy of being read slowly. Pray for them and pray for yourself and your family to have a similar faith in the midst of suffering.

Almost Half of Christian Millennials Say Evangelism is Wrong      “Houston, we have a problem.” More evidence that the church is not doing its job.

How to Coach Your Congregation to Worship   Some practical insights on our role as worship leaders.

What Does the Future Merger of the ECO and the EPC Mean for the PCA?     That’s a mouthful! Interesting. Important. And suggestive of the pressure and drift in the American Church in general.

Twelve Reasons you Should Pray More as You Prepare Your Sermon    Not just for pastors. These are 12 reasons every church goer should be praying for their pastor as well.

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