Weekend Links for the Discerning Reader

February 1

More Evidence of the Decline and Falling of Western Culture

Save the Caterpillars, Abort the Babies      Yes, you read that right. That is exactly what the Virginia Congresswoman has proposed on the same day!

Eric Metaxes Interviews the Son of Aleksandr Solzhenitzyn (Ignat) He is the conductor laureate of the Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia and the principal guest conductor of the Moscow Symphony Orchestra. He is the son of Russian author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.  Fascinating interview.

Christianity, Loving God, and Apologetics

Thinking Harder and Better About Worship   Fernando Ortego interview about his journey and why he is drawn to more liturgical forms now. The place of doubt and why he is back in the Evangelical Free Church today.

Five Myths About Atheism    Short. Worth the read and a good book to pick up, How to be an Atheist: Why Many Sceptics Aren’t Sceptical Enough by Mitch Stokes. Forward is by friend and former professor, J.P. Moreland. My motto is that if J.P. recommends it, it is well worth reading.

Do You Love God? Do You Know What Love for God Looks Like?   Short animated video analyzing the Hebrew word for love and its implications for those who say they love God.

4 Facts Every Christian Should Know about Third-Trimester Abortions    Be informed. Know what is at stake. Pray with some agony of spirit over the tradedy and horror of abortion.

Poltics, Entertainment, Social Commentary

Vermont Following or Leading New York in Murdering the Unborn?    Wake up Church. Wake up and pray, Wake up at sacrifice your comfort for women who are choosing to abort their children. Give them options. A lot of good suggestions for prolife advocates in every state.

Feminist Comes to Terms with the Men’s Rights Movement    TED talk. Worth hearing.

3 Reasons Why You Should Read More Classic Literature in 2019   We need classical literature perhaps more now then at any time in the last 100 years. This is a short but very helpful article about how to free ourselves from the addiction to our anger and media-frenzied world.

Democrats have Overplayed Their Hands on Abortion      Article from the Atlantic monthly.  You read that right. The Atlantic Monthly, no stranger to leftist politics is proclaiming that the recent democratic trends in New York, Vermont and Virginia give evidence that Democrats are radically outside the mainstream of America and anti-scientific in their commitment to abortion.

Science, Technology and Farming

The Parable of the Bamboo Plant      Keep discipling men. The fruit will come.

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