Weekend Links Documenting Our National Insanity

Science and Technology

How is Power Generated State by State        Fascinating graphs and information about trends in the energy sector.

Introducing Neom, the 500 billion-dollar, ultra-high tech future megacity of Saudi Arabia     I honestly don’t know what to make of this development. There are things to applaud and things to condemn nearly every news cycle related to the house of Saud. Something in my spirit is deeply suspicious of everything that the Prince of Saudi Arabia wants to do.

Christianity, Devotion and Apologetics

8 Responsibilities of Church Membership   Helpful. Short, to the point and worth not only reading but passing on to others in your church.  Idea: Turn it into a handout for your next New Members class.

You Never Marry the Right Person    Tim Keller on the insanity of current thinking on marriage. There is some real wisdom here. This article is excerpt from THE MEANING OF MARRIAGE © 2011 by Timothy Keller with Kathy Keller. Published by Dutton, A Member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.

Kalam Cosmologial Argument for the Beginning of the Universe   Short video that explores the view that the world had no beginning. Video produced by Trinity Lutheran Apologetic ministry.

How Do Churches End Up with Bullies for Pastors?     This is a growing problem in the church. Both Jesus and the apostle Paul warned us about it and pointed the way to protection of the flock. We have to remember, “No matter how dazzling in the eyes of men, loveless pastors vanish into nothingness in the sight of God.”

A Modern Parable: They are Outside the Castle   When will the citizens of the Kingdom leave the castle?

Politics, Worldview, and the World

The Culture of Death is Never Satisfied     There is a brutality that is no longer creeping into our culture, it is racing at a thorobred pace and threatening to undue four centuries of progress in Western Culture.

Ex-Abortionist Shares Horrifying Personal story that Converted Him to a Pro-Life Decision    Please read!

Ben Shapiro on the Covington Mess and Media Bias    As the dust begins to settle, Ben Shapiro helps to sort and arrange the facts. Knee jerk politics drove these narratives and despite the truth that the high school students were the victims of not one but two different groups and then the media piled on. 

Argument Against Abortion in Less than 250 Words     Become more skilled in showing immorality of the pro-abortion position. This will help.


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