Before the Shooting in California

Tragic truth: 90 percent of this post was written before the shooting in California occured in anticipation that it was only a matter of time before it would be needed.


More evidence of a deep sickness at the core of American society in these shootings in California. It is yet another indiscriminate shooting by a young man, armed with hate and taking lives without compunction or remorse. Unfortunately, within days people on the right and left of the political spectrum will start to unpack the events for their own political agendas.

This is not a right or left problem.

This is a spiritual problem.

Our nation is sick at its core.

We need the people of God not to rise up in political action but to bow down on their knees in repentance and faith and seek the face of the Living God.

Pray for the families who lost loved ones in California; pray for the people who have been traumatized by the events; but pray too for the nation, starting with Christians, to turn their hearts toward God.

The fact that Christians are not weeping in the streets over the senseless loss of life and the violence of our culture and the violence of the world and the lack of passionate seeking of God when such events happen, is a testimony to the weakness not of Christ or Christianity, but of our pallid and tepid commitment to the way of the cross. We need, I speak of Christians, a passionate turning of our hearts to God for rescue and restoration. Righteousness exalts a nation.” (Proverbs 14:34) 

We are too comfortable, living convenient and secure lives while the nation disintegrates around us.

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