National Orphan Sunday

National Adoption Month

Today in Ameirca, over 435,000 children are in foster care. Of those, over 110,000 are awaiting, hoping, and praying for a family to adopt them. And each year more than 20,000 kids age out of the system, depending on what state they are in, at the age of 18 or 21.

Have Children, Love Children, Adopt Children

Long overdue, a growing wave of Christians are waking up to the needs of children in our foster care system. It has been exciting for me to watch this wave grow. In my first church, New Song Church in Bolingbrook, IL, we made real efforts to cultivate a culture of life and encourage families to have children, love children and adopt children. Many did and it was a thrilling challenge for both our families and the church.

In my next church, Trinity Church in Watseka, IL, I stepped into a church that had multiple familes already engaged in the foster-care / adoption commitment. It was a great experience to see. Trinity Church also had a dynamic ministry to special needs children/adults. That commitment produced a safe and encouraging culture for parents of special needs children. Now, at Manchester Creek Community Church in Rock Hill, SC, I have stepped into another church with a thriving culture (“Lord, make it grow even more.”) of adopting, fostering and loving children.

Recently, two foster and trying-to adopt women from our church, Kristina P. and Patricia L., have started a Podcast to encourage more families to adopt and to strengthen the ones that do. These two women and their husbands are part of a wave of Christian families that are taking their pro-life positions to the next logical level. Following are two links to those first Podcasts. I hop you will share them with others and consider joining their example.

Episode 1    “From the Ground Up” from the Podcast, What They’re Worth

Episode 2    “Reasons Not To” from the Podcast, What They’re Worth

They have an email where you can reach them and comment on their efforts or ask them questions, or suggest topics for future episodes at

Whatever you do, where ever you are, what ever your position or non-position at your church, I hope you will do everything you can to develop a wholistic culture of life to combat the thriving culture of death that we live in all around us.

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