Do You Believe in the Divine Conspiracy?

Cradled stacked stonesI hope the answer is yes. I hope you know the meaning of Jesus’s parables in Matthew 13, in particular the one we talked about last week and the one we will take up this week. (Come and visit if you can or go to our website on Monday for the audio, There is a divine plan to change the entire world and it is completely opposite of what you might think. It is completely opposite to the corridors of power in government, media, entertainment, and any military coup or activist protest.

This quote from Bill Hull’s best book gives a glimpse, a taste, a picture, a hint of how God’s Divine Conspiracy works.  

“Simplicity is found in the understanding that God is the one who make the decision to create me here and now and determined that I would live in a certain place and be a certain height. . . . The conditions of our lives are from a divine decision. Why I wasn’t born into a war-torn nation or why I didn’t die of starvation at age four are questions far too complex for any human being to answer. However, what I am to do with the here and now of my life is simple. I am to be a Christ follower, and I will be held accountable for my actions. The complexity is that we don’t know the details; the simplicity is that God made the choice and in him we live, move, and exist.

. . .

Will Christ’s disciples save the world? No, not now, not under current conditions. But we can save our worlds, the little space where we live and the people we touch. And if the millions who are disciples of a revolutionary named Jesus live the life Christ called them to live, then what Dallas Willard calls ‘the divine conspiracy’ will take effect. Like a healing tonic, it will wash over the world one person, one inch at a time. Love cannot be resisted.”

Bill Hull, Christlike:
The Pursuit of Uncomplicated Obedience, p. 13f.

Let’s live passionately for and like Jesus.

Let’s start today.

One thought on “Do You Believe in the Divine Conspiracy?

  1. I was given a pre-publication copy of the Divine Conspiracy in the mid-nineties, read it on a redeye to London and my relationship with Jesus Christ began to grow and deepen from that day. I was so excited I called my pastor and got a ho-hum reaction. That reaction in the culturally complacent church has not changed. “I’ll forego my early Sunday morning round of golf once a month to satisfy my religious commitments but don’t ask for anything else. While we’re at it, I gave God a list of things that I needed, really important stuff and he hasn’t responded.” We need to be praying for a Divine Conspiracy, a revival, to sweep through the Western church.

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