Tomorrow Marks 8 Years Since I Visited New Zealand

Hobbiton  photo-Matamata-city-1Last year, I had the privilege and honor of mentoring a young man from New Zealand, Eli Savill, who was finishing up his education from Moody Bible College before returning to plant churches in his native land. Eight years ago, I was on New Zealand soil, praying with hundreds of others that God would raise up a new generation of young people to start the next great worldwide church planting movement.

Here’s a story from that time. I hope it does four things:

  • Causes your heart to sing with praise for a God who changes murders into good news prophets.

  • Stimulates you to know your God by passionately pursuing Him in the pages of His word.

  • Encourages you to live passionately for Him by being obedient to all His commands.

  • Causes you to pray for Eli and his young bride and son, all of them, answers to prayers from 8 years ago. (Link is below)

via Our God–Awesome in Power

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