Our God–Awesome in Power

Hobbiton  photo-Matamata-city-1So life begins again.  Back from New Zealand and the patterns of life are owned again. Sleep is not yet part of the pattern, however. My body doesn’t know if it is morning or evening but it will. Right now there is quietness and time to reflect on the goodness of God and the greatness of God and the wonder of God and what He is doing in the world.

  • Like the freeing of almost 3,000 hardened murders, rapists, and thieves from the clutches of tyranny to the light of and life that is in Christ.
  • Like the passing on of the baton to a new generation of missionaries who will go anywhere and do anything to make the name of Christ known.
  • Like the wonder of new life in Christ expressed through the Maori culture of New Zealand.

Our God is an awesome God and here is the beginning of just one story.

Late last year, in a region of Nigeria known for rebel activity and violence there, lived two peoples. One people was grossly outnumbered. Only 26 of them, but a band of brothers in the war for souls. The oldest was 24. Like Jonathan and his armor-bearer (1 Samuel 14 ), he led them with a vision of the glories of God.

Into the jungle, into the camps of 3,000 terrorists and rebel leaders intoxicated with violence, weapons, power, and deception. “We will cook for you if we can talk to you about Jesus.”  With a puzzled acceptance, a relationship began. Some weeks later, the 26 had conquered 200 who laid their weapons down and became followers of the One who laid His life down for them. Today, they are being discipled and trained to go back and plant churches.

Truly our God is an awesome God, but the story isn’t finished. More tomorrow, but worship today for the celebration has begun in heaven. Our God is an awesome God, even His enemies submit to Him. He reigns from heaven above.

2 thoughts on “Our God–Awesome in Power

  1. Marty,

    We are living in a time of thousands upon thousands of young hero-warriors for Christ. Fortunately, sometimes God allows us to learn of their stories.
    May God continue to give you the desires of your heart to have a part in what He is doing to bring people to Himself in many parts of the world and of course right here in the USA.


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