How About This on Your Gravestone?

Reading with the Pastor 
Mark 7  and  Psalm 42-43

Used Bible ShelfToday’s readings are sobering and exciting. The Pharisees continue to fight the teaching and ministry of Christ. Even though they have the Scripture, they don’t understand it. Nevertheless, a Gentile woman expresses faith in Christ and a desire to receive His blessing and healing for her daughter. She gets both. Would that we demonstrated such faith in Christ every day.

What a powerful testimony is given in verse 37. The disciples summarize the ministry and life they observe in Christ with these words,

“He has done all things well.
He even makes the deaf hear and the mute speak.”

Wouldn’t that be a great thing to read on our gravestones?

O Lord, make it so. Make us men and women who do all things well because we live every moment in dependence upon You. Help us to live passionately for and like Christ that our hearts would forever be seeking Your kingdom and Your righteousness. (Mt. 6:33) For the glory of the Name of the Crucified but Risen One.

For a reflection written four days before 9/11 on Psalm 42 go to this link.
(“Strange Food for a Wounded Heart”)

For a poetic reflection on Psalm 42-43 go to this link
(Darkness Created Light”)

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