The Tale of Two Bibles

Which of these two Bibles do you think belongs to the person with the healthiest soul?

Worn Bible 2

Dusty Bible 3

Day 7   Reading with the Pastor
Matthew 7  and  Psalm 10-11

The sermon on the mount begins with Jesus seeing the crowds, going to the mountain, his closest disciples crowding close with the masses listening in from the sides. It ends with the amazed multitudes who recognized that “He was teaching them as one having authority, and not as their scribes” (Matthew 7:28-29).

In between chapter 5:2 and chapter 7:29 are some of the most challenging, beautiful, thought-provoking words ever preached. The beatitudes, teaching on personal relationships, prayer, fasting, a cure for anxiety, teaching on not judging others—Jesus covers the whole terrain. Scholars have plumbed its depth, preachers have exhorted their congregations to live its truths, believers have drawn wisdom and solace for their daily lives from this greatest sermon every preached.

Over the last three days, you have read the sermon in three parts. Try reading it again, straight through. Look for all of Jesus’ commands. Make a list of them. Perhaps next Sunday afternoon, try reading it again and make a list of all the promises that Jesus makes to his disciples. Both exercises will deepen your heart and your passion to apply all that Jesus taught, which, after all, is what Jesus desires for all of us.

Another offering from the Poetry Project” to encourage your reading of the psalms.

Psalm 10  “A Cry for Syria’s Children”  and

Psalm 11  “The Mockers are Loud”

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