Wisdom Flees from Neglect

Matthew 1 and Psalm 1-2 were the readings for the first day of May. 

Matthew 1 gives us the start of Jesus’s birth narrative and genealogy and Psalms 1-2 serve as an introduction to the great prayer-book of the nation of Israel.  

God promises wonderful things to the man or woman who listens to the counsels of God. And he foretells disaster for those who neglect and ignore it. May your investment in reading God’s word produce many blessings for you and your family as well as your neighbors. Here’s a poetic reflection on Psalm 1 from about 12 years ago

Source: Wisdom Flees from Neglect

One thought on “Wisdom Flees from Neglect

  1. Christians should read Scripture because it is the right thing to do. Yes, blessings will come, but if we only read Scripture for the blessings, what does that say of the value of our faith?

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