Wonderful Counselor, What Does it Mean?

Wednesday is for Thinking

Meditation on Isaiah 9:6

Some years ago, I was counseling with a man who was crushed in spirit. As we talked, it was becoming clear to me that he was living with a monster. He had neglected his wife for the duration of his marriage and now he was finding out that he created a monster with his neglect. She took delight in taking the knife and sticking it in his back and twisting it at every opportunity.

Deserted by God, Ferguson
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As I’m praying and listening to him, the Spirit of God began to call to my mind certain Scriptures that I thought applied to his situation. One of those verses was the Proverbs 21:9 “Better to dwell in the corner of a roof then to dwell in the house with a contentious woman.” I began to pursue the cross references in my Bible to study a little of that theme in Scripture.

“Does that describe the situation in your house tonight?” I asked.

“It sure does.” he said.

“You know that was written 3000 years ago. Don’t you think that the God who could so precisely put his finger on the situation in your home tonight, don’t you think that in the same book . . . If he could understand the problem 3000 years ago don’t you think that he understands the solution too and that in the same book that describes your problem He would also provide help to cope with and change the situation as well?

What does it mean that He is a “Wonderful Counselor?”

It means that He understands every intimate detail of our lives and that He can therefore guide us in every situation of life. He Knows everything about everything and that doesn’t leave anything out!

Men and women this is not Utopia!

This is a sin-infested world, where sinful people do terrible things to one another. And all of those terrible things leave scars–scars of body and scars of the soul.

But there is One who knows it all and is a Wonderful Counselor for every situation.

  1. He knows your situation.
  2. He knows your need.
  3. He knows the end of the story.
  4. And He knows how to get you there.

No trust in such a Wonderful Counselor is ever misplaced.

That’s one of the things that is so wonderful about Christmas.

3 thoughts on “Wonderful Counselor, What Does it Mean?

  1. WOW! Did I need that word today. Not living with a contentious woman, just the opposite, praise the Lord, but with some other perplexing problems. I going to take your four points, print them out in about a 50 point font and plaster them all over the house.

    Love, john


  2. The office of “Wonderful Counselor” applies to the divine Person of the post-incarnate Christ, a.k.a., “the faithful witness, the first-born from the dead, who is also the ruler of the world” (Rev. 1:5), for whom the secular church has found no room at all!


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