The Last Three Invasions of Planet Earth are Not the Whole Story

Tuesday is for End Times Thought

Alien Invasion

Invasions of Planet Earth
(and maybe a preaching series for you pastors)

Invasion #1      Satan and Sin

A fallen angel used the beauty of a tree to entice Eve and Adam into disobeying God and seeking happiness by going against His will. The result was sin’s invasion of the world through the heart of man, producing the need for salvation from sin and a Savior who could conquer the effects brought about by sin’s entrance into the world.

Invasion #2      The Savior and Salvation

God the Father sent the Son to be the Savior and substitute for our own quilt and sin. Jesus came to save sinners like me, people who had lost their way and trashed their lives with choices outside of His will.

Invasion #3      The Spirit and Gospel Expansion

In the third invasion of planet earth, Holy Spirit came in fulfillment of Jesus’ promise to send a Helper who guides us into truth and empowers us to live transformed lives. God inhabits the believer in the person of the Holy Spirit and empowers our witness and life to bring maximum glory to the Son.

A Future Invasion
Invasion #4      The Savior’s Return in Glory

The invasion that will culminate in every knee bowing and every tongue confessing that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the praise and glory of the Father.

We are closer to that future invasion when the Savior returns to judge the living and the dead (2 Timothy 4:1). Let’s live with a sense of urgency and purpose (Luke 10:2).

Our Savior came: He lived; He died; He promised; He rose; He ascended; He’s coming. And that coming is sooner than any believe, though no one knows the hour.

3 thoughts on “The Last Three Invasions of Planet Earth are Not the Whole Story

    1. According to God’s School of Thought, the whole story is about coming full circle back to Paradise and the prophetic “tree of life” (Gen. 2: 9-17) already fulfilled by Christ’s death on the cross (Luke 23: 40-43; John 19: 34-37).


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